Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Summers Comming

I FOUND MY OLD SUNGLASSES! And now I'm really excited about summer! But before I forget, tias over and she just fell off the chair and then everything started falling like dominos, and I couldn't breathe, OMFG! And also I got my hair cut really short, ready for the hot weather and I can't get used to it, but i rather like it. But yeah summer! I'm going to america with the school to like las vegas and l.a and were going to the grand canyon and its just going to be awesome because we'll have no exams to worry about! And then I want to have loads of picnics, like on the beach and in st fagans with the family and my girlies! Also I want to go camping, and perhaps maybe, hopefully have some drunken nights, because they make me laugh! I can't wait to get loads of dresses, and go swimming in the sea, I love summer so much :D
Changing subject completely today I've been down because my jaw is really upsetting me because it makes my whole face look wonky :( erghh and I can't teethy smile because it looks weird, people use to call me tin opener teeth :L Lol but I won't let silly people get me down. Im off now, because me and tia are making a shared blog, and then we might be attatching my one to it :( Not so sure because I rather like no one not knowing I have one, ahh well :D

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