This is me.

I am a true gleek and a belieber, and sometimes I think I'm too in love with them both, bieber and salling are just, HOT. Justin Bieber, who knew millions of people could be touched by just one single voice, its rather incredible. I love to sing, and I also love to giggle! I'm quite an annoying person, and I can be really loud when I'm overly happy! My mother is the most important person in my life, she inspires me, and I have so much respect for her, as she is such a strong woman. Much love for my dad and my brothers- even though you both get on my nerves at time. Elinor, Tia and Alika are my hoes, they are just the most amazing people you could meet, and keep me happy, don't think i could cope without them! I have a fucked up jaw which makes me have a wonky face but hey shit happens, c'est la vie. I think tattoos and piercings are really attractive, and I love fish finger sandwiches! I just love life, you only live once, so let your hair down, everybody makes mistakes from time to time, and you'll have to overcome many little mountains in life, but thats all part of the fun, just live life to the fullest and never ever let people that aren't worth it get you down. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.