Monday, 21 February 2011


Yes, I know nobody reads these, but I actually don't want people seeing how I feel because I feel stupid. Anyways I'm extremely bored and feel like typing. I have developed an obsession for the one and only justin bieber! I have always loved him since before he was really famous, but after seeing his film never say never, I have seen what an inspirational person he is. I got his cd for christmas and I love his acoustic versions because his vocals are unbelievable! I'm finding it really stupid atm, because many of his "beliebers" are hating him because he cut his swoosh hair, I personally think he looks sexy still, and there even unfollowing! Poor guy! I can't stop listening to his songs, and Ive uploaded 100 pictures of him onto my phone. I think Charlies getting annoyed with me because I wont stop talking about him, and my mum offered to pay me £20 and a haircut if I don't mention him til tomorrow, lets hope I don't get as much hate as him! :/ Ohh I also love his song pray! so so sad :(  I'm also getting a bit obsessed with twitter, probably because of biebs, because most of the people I follow always tweet about him, and he follows them :( I also want to write here how much my girls Elinor, Tia and Alika mean to me! I don't think I show them and tell them enough, but I honestly don't know what I'd do without my babies, because they make me smile to much! Much love for them, and I apologise to them for having to stick with someone as annoying as me! Anyways I'm finishing this before I have the urge to mention bieber again <3

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