Friday, 3 December 2010


Do you have a dream? Do you have an ambition in your life? Do you even know what your perfect future would be? I think its important to have an aim in your life, and you should aim high. I think this helps you to stay dedicated because you want it with all your heart. I've had the same dream since I was a little girl. I want to perform, I have always loved it. As big headed as it may sound in primary school, I was never just a chorus member, I always had a part and loved it more than anything, the fun of it, and the rush of adrenalin, and also the applause at the end just makes you feel like your on top of the world. I love to sing mainly, and really enjoy it, and 50% of the time I'll be singing, and laughing also. I'm a very happy person, and I think this is because I have a dream. I want to be either social worker or preferably primary school teacher. I have the grades for it, and I love children and think I'm rather good with them. I could then teach them to act and sing, and just go to the theatre lots with my other half and my mother. This way as a teacher, I'll be helping peoples lifes, so they can go on to get good grades, and this would give me alot of satisfaction. I love thinking about my future, and writing about it just makes me want it more and more. I can't wait to have kids, and a husband and a good job and to be able to buy amazing things for me children, so much  but I don't want it to come to fast! Live your life to the full, and don't ever stop believing in your self, or let people tell you your not going to make it, because if you try hard enough, you can get there, it all relies on you, and no one else, so don't let yourself down, and just be happy, and whenever you don't get it, keep your head up and smile. One day you'll get there, then you can shove your middle finger up at the world who told you different.

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