Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stand up.

Today is a good day, even though its boring, its been very positive, and I haven't felt like shit once. Its also my mums birthday, happy birthday to her, i hope shes had a good time because she really deserves it as she is the best mother I could possibly ask for, cooks every night, gives me unlimited amounts of hugs, and always makes sures I'm at my best and doing the best I can, even if it means getting angry. I love her! I can't stop laughing though because we got a chinese takeaway and my plate looked like a fucking mountain, but anyway I couldn't eat my last chicken ball and both my brothers wanted it. Ones 17, the other 10. 10 year old brother only had one because there wasn't enough and the other had 3, so i was going to give it to Oliver (10) and then Tom (17) looked like he was going to cry and started going mad saying "I WANT THE CHICKEN BALL I WANT THE CHICKEN BALL" thing was, he wasn't joking he was going insane, so i still gave it to ol and now hes not speaking to me and hes in some weird mood :L what a prat. I dont get how he stays so thin, he eats like 3x as much as me yet hes a stick, ergh, i eat one fucking burger and BAM tree trunk legs, one chip BOOOM muffin top. I hate it. Not long left in school, quite excited because some of the idiots are leaving but i dont want alika, and caitlin and charlie and stuff to leave :( it wont be the same without them, but at least we have katy perry to look forward to in october. I'm so happy that elinor and tia and ashi are staying though, my little homie crew, and hopefully holly will too! She hasn't decided.
I've also decided that Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite films, it kind of was already, but you know i forgot how amazing it is, except it was horrible knowing patrick swayzes dead :( he was such a beautiful man! I feel like having a long phone conversation again with someone, its quite fun because I balance the phone on my head and I'm all comfy and it's just fun talking. Hehehehe I'm also excited about wearing my red nose, and my red nose day hairband tomorrow, and giving some money to comic relief, already had the phone call from my cousin who works for them telling me to donate :L ahaha but obviously I would anyway...but yeah I'm going to stop blabbing because I've probably got some coursework thats due in tomorrow or something. Ergh.

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