Sunday, 20 March 2011

50 random useless facts about me.

1. I live in Cardiff, even though my dad was born in England but his mum is irish and dad is scottish, and my mum was born in singapore but her dad is english and her mum is half norweigian i think :S

2.My family are everything to me, without them, life would be a bitch.

3. I have known my best friend since I was about 3, and I'm going to know her for the rest of my life.

4. I have fucked up teeth and a fucked up jaw which I'm having an operation on soon. The teeth is probably because i drink too much dr pepper, and coca cola cherry, which I've had 5 cans of in the last 6 hours, oh dear.

5. I go to cathays high school which has a bad reputation but I'm personally proud of going there because the teachers are all really nice and you can speak to them.

6. I want to take a gap year before or after uni, either to Arizona, America with my god father, or Africa with Save the children.

7. I want to be a primary school teacher because I love kids, I want to have a baby, but I know its not a good time now, and would be unfair.

8. I'm quite a shy person, but when I know you I'm really loud and hyper!

9. There are many special people in my life, my extra specials are elinor, tia, ashi, alika, holly, rachel, taegan and batoul!

10. I really really really want a jack russell :(

11. I feel like I'm a bit on the big side but everyone tells me I'm not but sometimes I just feel like an elephant, and I put on weight so easily.

12. I love chinese food, egg fried rice ftw.

13. I've never ever truly loved someone, because I'm always scared they'll lie or cheat on me.

14. I have quite a big trust problem, even though everyone around me are the most trustworthy people.

15. I cry easily, because its the easiest thing to do, and because when I argue with someone i hate it, because it's usually with someone I love

16. I'm not the most popular person, but I have all the friends I need.

17. I love James Marsden, Mark Salling, Justin Bieber and Zac Efron!

18. I find men that are musical extremely attractive, especially guitar and singing, ahahaha at the above!

19. I am very optimistic.

20. I'm up for anything, and once I'm in a game I want to win, its my Williamson streak.

21. One of the most devastating things to happen to me was my aunty being diagnosed with cancer, because she is an amazing woman, and people say were really alike and we just get on well, and what made it worse was the day she discovered it we were all camping in her field, and she didnt tell anyone.

22. I am no longer talking to my other aunty because she hasn't phoned up my other aunty to see how she is, she hasn't gone to visit her even though she doesn't live that far, whereas my mum has been up a few times even though its like 3 hours away, and she has us kids to look after.

23. Most of my cousins work on tv like back stage and stuff and have met some pretty awesome people, like bieber!

24. The person I aspire to be like is my mum as she is the kindest, loveliest person ever, and she still giggles like a child, and hasn't lost the magic of christmas, I love her silly amounts.

25. I am no longer giving a shit about what I look like. I haven't worn makeup to school for 3 days, rather proud.But I still hate the way I look and would change many things if i was magic.

26. I love having nice clothes and in summer I buy too many summer dresses.

27. This year is going to be amazing, its my 16th, america, katy perry, blink 182, derulo, prom and tattoo.

28. My dad loves music and always shows me awesome songs, and we look very alike, how embaressing.

29. Im generally a nice person, unless you really annoy me, or Im in a bad mood.

30. I love romantic films although they make me sad because nobody loves me </3

31. Sometimes i try to hard with people.

32. I make a dick of myself alot but I don't care because I'm having fun.

33. I still prance around my living room doing dances, and put on shows for my mum, and when I go to like r.a.f camps i fly around pretending to be a plane because I'm still holding on to my childhood.

34. I am overly obsessed with glee! It is the best programme ever!

35. I can sing, and I am grade 4 on the violin even though i haven't played in ages.

36. One of the best times of my life was the school musical, so much fun with my homies josey, pardis, josie, holly, georgina and the boys!

37. I'm a very untidy person, my mums now decided to tidy my room once a week, so then it doesn't take her ages to do it after like a month.

38. My big brother is like a best friend to me, because we like alot of the same things, we argue like any siblings should, but he is so awesome, and bitches to me :L

39. I hate the amount of hate and war and pain in this world! I give quite alot to charity, and videos of what happens really hits home and makes me angry and upset!

40. I couldnt live without my ipod or my phone because I always have them with me.

41. I have alot of respect for people who don't care what people think about them, and they'll say there opinion no matter how much hate they could get for it (batoul)

42. I love listening to a song over and over again for hours.

43. I like making people smile.

44. I hate it when people are rude about people who are disabled and gay, i have a cousin who is both, and he is amazing!

45. I use to consider myself a christian but that has changed because of all the horrible stuff in the world. I would like to be a buddhist and am going to speak to granny liz (taegans buddhist step nan) hehe

46. I would love to be in a serious relationship but I think most boys find me unattractive and only see me as a friend or someone funny

47. Im extremely happy with my life, there have been problems but they've all just made me stronger!

48. I don't sleep in my bed without cuddling my teddy honeysuckle :L

49. I need to get drunk more often because its fun.

50. I've died either once or twice and have been close to it a few more time, but they brought me back to life :L (couldnt think of a last one)

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