Thursday, 3 March 2011


Im bored :( I have history from morey morey to do, but I'm too bored to actually move. Im really happy though because toms gone to this polling thing and wont be back til 10, so i get more pizza HAHAHA! I'm such a fatty nowadays because I went to the chip shop tuesday, and then the chinese wednesday and today :( NOT GOOD! I need to fit into this prom dress. Can't wait to go to england, even though I LOVE WALES to get it fitted and see the gorgeous aunty. ALSO OMFG JASON DERULO WAS AMAZING...HE RIPPED HIS TOP OFF AND OMG I NEARLY DIED AND HE SANG BILLY JEAN. I was in love, and I got a top to prove it ;) anyways I'm also quite upset because this boy who i speak to is like going in a mood whenever I mention another boy, or someone comments on my wall, when before it was kind of me talking to him sort of thing. Erghh boys! Im soooooooooooooooooooo tired, Ive got a really bad sleeping pattern, sort it out kate. This blog makes no sense but Im in a happy mood. And apparently, I'm a freak and insane, evil boy ¬_¬ Anyway I'm going to dance to some bieber, and try and do something worthwhile. Oh yeah, and my love for the manchester accent :') hahahaha matt if you read this, i still think your a freak :)

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