Thursday, 2 December 2010


Love is a very very confusing thing. It is possibly the best feeling in the world, but when it ends, its the most horrible thing ever, theres many different types of love, and sometimes its hard to tell the difference between them, making you confused. I'm a typical girl who thinks I'm in love at a click of the finger and I really wish this wouldn't happen to me. I love many people! But what I don't understand is why love can't be fair. Someone loves someone, and wants to be with someone, but most of the times, that person doesn't love you back. This has happened to me many a time, and I really wish it wouldn't. I always think, maybe someone is out there who likes me back but I just give up trying.  I want to be in a relationship, so there is someone there to listen to me, and to cuddle when I'm down, and to tell me I'm the most important in there life. I know some day I'll find someone who I'll fall for, get married, and have kids with, but I'd love to find that person now, so I know every aspect of them. Without sounding completely stereo typical, many boys seem very shallow, and won't go out with a girl because they haven't got a perfect figure and face, rather than if there kind and funny. I think some boys don't go purely on looks but are too embaressed to go out with someone who's fat, or has wonky teeth even if they do like them. Love works in mysterious ways and never does what you want it to, but when you've got it, keep it, as its the best feeling in the world. <3 I love you mum, I love you dad, I love you family and friends.

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