Sunday, 13 March 2011

fuck them.

fuckkk boys :L  i never use to agree with this, BUT SERIOUSLY you make an effort and they just treat you like shit, and stuff. I actually cannot be bothered even wasting my time, because tbh I think I'm better of with just me and my girls for the summer. Then you don't have to worry about them phoning you, and it doesnt matter who you go out with and stuffs. Oh and you look at sexy people like james marsden, zac efron and the biebs! Ooo and dougie from mcfly, i hope he gets better :( I sure do love boys that are musical and that, but they seem to be all "rock&roll" and you know do what rockers dooo. But saying that dougie is in rehab because of a break up so at least hes a cutey! I have so much amazing stuff lined up for 2011, i can't actually wait! <3

I saw Jason Derulo on tour.
Sussex to get my dress fitted
16th Birthday
America- L.A and Las Vegas
Beaches like 2353684096 times
Drunken Nights
Blink 182 on tour
Katy Perry on tour
Brothers 18th
and lots lots more that I can't remember.

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